What Type of Law Firm Should You Consult?

The YouTube video “Day in the life of a legal assistant” shows the different roles in legal practice. Many people use the designations lawyer and attorney interchangeably. Yet, these are not the same designations. For instance, the former refers to giving legal counsel. The latter is an abbreviation. The designation attorney is an abbreviation for attorney-at-law.

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Both attorney-at-law and lawyer have studied for law and passed the bar exam. However, only an attorney-at-law may defend a client in court.

Do I Need an Attorney or a Lawyer?

Being in a legal predicament can be daunting. This is especially true for those unfamiliar with legal matters and the legal system. Knowing who to turn to can provide peace of mind. The type of legal matter will dictate which law firm to approach. For instance, a candidate may only want or need legal counsel. For example, an estate planning lawyer. In such a case, the candidate requires legal advice and guidance. Also, the lawyer may need to draw up legal documents for the client.

Alternatively, a candidate may need legal defense in a court of law. For example, an injured client may seek financial compensation for an injury. Firstly, decide if the matter should go to court. Then, select a lawyer or attorney from a full-service law firm.


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