Understanding Gun Liability Insurance

As cities attempt to combat the ever-growing firearm epidemic, some areas have begun to mandate gun owners purchase gun liability insurance. These policies are also available in areas without the mandates and can be a useful tool in protecting gun owners. When understanding gun liability insurance, it is important to know how the policies and protections can affect you.

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Gun liability insurance covers a variety of aspects that come with gun ownership. In instances where a firearm is accidentally used, it can help to cover the losses and damages that occur. During situations where a gun owner loses their weapon or the weapon has been stolen, the owner remains liable until an official police report is filed. There is also an annual 25-dollar fee associated with the policy.

In terms of safety, this can be a major asset to people. Having reports be required gives authorities better insist as to what weapons may be present on the streets. It also gives incentive to owners to make sure the weapon is stored in a safe location to prevent dealing with the authorities. In addition, it forces people to be more mindful when discharging their guns.

For additional information about gun liability insurance, please review the attached video.


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