Who Is Responsible if My Kid Is Injured at Summer Camp?

When you send your kids to summer camp, you expect them to be properly supervised, monitored, and kept safe. But what happens when your kids are injured while at camp? Who is responsible and what should you do? The video provides some answers to these questions.

Most summer camps will have you complete a waiver of liability before your child can participate in the camp. These waivers tend to focus on high-risk activities such as horseback riding, archery, and swimming.

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If the injury sustained by your child is unrelated to a high-risk activity or the camp failed to provide safety equipment, then the camp may be responsible for it. If your child becomes ill because of a third-party working for the camp, the camp may likewise be held liable. The camp can also be held responsible if counselors were speaking or texting on their phones instead of supervising your child.

To do your part to keep your child safe while at camp, you should research the camp and speak to the director about activities your child should not be involved in. You should also inform the camp about illnesses or allergies that may affect your child’s ability to participate in camp activities. Now you know who is responsible if your child is injured in summer camp.


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